Designer Kids Luxury Clothing by Fleurisse & Leon for boys and girls, from infants to teens.

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How can we help your garden grow?

We planted the seeds of Fleurisse in 2001 hoping that our passion to capture the wondrous stages of childhood in magical clothing would flourish as a business – and it did. Indeed, our name means “blossom” and our clothing reflects the growing stages from little girl to budding young sophisticate. Each piece we create celebrates her precious innocence, but also honors a modern miss’s sensibilities because, we all know, little girls can’t wait to grow-up.

That first small collection of dresses for Spring Flowers Children’s Boutiques, New York City’s premiere luxury chain with locations on Madison Avenue and Palm Beach’s Worth Avenue, rapidly grew into the company’s top-selling label. Today Fleurisse is worn by little princesses from the Middle East to young starlets from Hollywood and our dresses hang next to Europe’s prestigious fashion brands. Proudly, our collection regularly graces the editorial pages of such fashion elite as America’s Vogue Magazine, Vanity Fair, InStyle, and Town&Country Weddings.

Hear me roar

What can we do for your kingdom?

Fleurisse’s success encouraged us to launch Léon in 2004, our boys’ line of better, traditional core basics. The name Léon, our little lion, represents the irrepressible spirit and energy young boys embody. At Léon, we embrace the wild side of little boys, but we also like to stay on the good side of their parents. So we design clothing for the “little King” of the jungle gym. We create comfortable, functional, clean-cut and handsome options for parents who want clothes that are cut to fit, but engineered to flex. Our styles are geared to ease the transition from little boy to young man painlessly.

Both lines have deep European roots. We source our fabrics and trims from the same European mills that cater to couture fashion houses. We cultivate a rare blend of fashion and function. Each garment must look and feel luxurious. Each style must be age-appropriate and fit the child and the occasion perfectly. Girls infant to 16 years. Boys infant to 12 years.